Tania Saleh "Intersection" wins the German Quarterly Critics’ Prize in the category “world music”! 

"Dedicated Arabic poetry and tradition-conscious Middle Eastern melodies meet complex electronics and pointedly used samples: the Lebanese singer Tania Saleh and her ingenious sound designer/music producer Khalil Judran have succeeded in creating an album of provocative beauty. The booklet, with all the lyrics, offers insights into the politically inscrutable, public murals of the artist Saleh and the link to a film that tells the remarkable story of Intersection, in collaboration with producer Erik Hillestad, from the Norwegian label KKV."

Produced by: Khalil Judran
Executive producers: Tania Saleh and Erik Hillestad
Supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Rating Global Music Magazine for "Intersection" album - Germany -  Full article here


Al Akhbar - Lebanon - Tania Saleh releases music video 4 years after "Shwayit Souwar/A Few Images" album release. Link to article 

Watch music video here


Tania Saleh was awarded The LAU Lifetime Achievement Award for 2018


Tania Saleh's street art work for her audiovisual album "Intersection" was nominated for the Global Arts Award 2018


Tania Saleh will be performing at L'Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, France on December 15, 2018 - More here


Tania Saleh will be performing at the Oslo World Festival 2018 with various artists paying tribute to the late Rim Banna. 


"An independent world created by an independent woman ..." Bir Baba Indie - Turkey -  Read full article here


Al Quds Al Arabi - London -  Read full article here


Coffee break interview with BBC Arabic -  Listen here


El Fasla Online- Egypt interview -  Full article here


Hikayat Nagham interview with Monte Carlo Al Doualiya Radio - France - 

Listen to song 1 

Listen to song 2

Listen to song 3 

Listen to interview 1 

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Tania performs a double bill concert with Mohamed Sharnouby at The Marquee, Cairo on May 4, 2018.

Join Facebook event here



Jadaliya.com Lebanon Read full article


Al Yom Al Sabeh - Egypt  Link to article


Al Rased newspaper - Kuwait

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RootsWorld - New Haven, CT, USA


"On her fifth recording Saleh uses this tapestry to create a 13-song masterpiece of stunning musical streetscapes. Fusing ‘west and east’ using studios in Cairo, Beirut and Oslo, Saleh works with Khalil Judran, a Montreal-based experimental music producer and composer who is able to make Saleh’s exquisite vocal style work within a context of electronic music. This is a professional, heartfelt recording made by an accomplished group of artists. Along with Judran, she is working with Mohammad Fawzi, on clarinet, duduk and soprano saxophone, Egyptian multi-instrumentalist Nancy Mounir on violin, Andre Segone on double bass, Hani Bedair (of the Nile Project) on percussions and the Egyptian master Hazem Shaheen on oud."


Arab News -  UAE


Lebanese music star Tania Saleh: ‘Being a woman has been a blessing, not a problem.’ 



The Daily Star - Lebanon 

Link to full article Listen to the full episode

"Lebanese singer and songwriter Tania Saleh was brought into the conversation as a nonpolitical voice, receiving the most unanimous applause for her calls for unity, humanity and compassion. She got the most cheers when, while discussing Sunni-Shiite rifts in Lebanon and noting that she herself as the product of a mixed sect family, said, “don’t segregate, we’re all human.”


Tania will be one of the guests on the BBC World Service BBC Global Questions panel discussion presented by Zeinab Badawi. The theme: The Impact of the Saudi/Iran Power Struggle on the Lebanese Elections on 8/3/2018 - 5:30pm at Sursock Palace Gardens, Beirut, Lebanon - Free public event.



Tania will be performing her new album "Intersection" with DJ Lisa Nordstrom at http://jakob.no, Oslo, Norway

Join event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/185899505497386/


Al Akhbar - Lebanon

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Laha Magazine - Dubai - UAE

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Ain Sina - Egypt

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Tania Saleh will be performing at Wasla Festival in Dubai, UAE on February 2, 2018 at Dubai Design District with the following lineup:

Cairokee Hayajan (with Alaa WardiAutostrad Lekhfa (Maryam SalehTamer Abu GhazalehMaurice LoucaGnawa diffusion and Majaz مجاز


Sound Bites - Gulf News - Dubai - UAE  Link to article

Tania Saleh -  Lebanese singer-songwriter Tania Saleh made a name for herself as a long-standing indie artist in the region. She has been experimenting with genres since her 1990s debut, mixing traditional sounds of tarab, mawwal and dabke with folk, alt-rock, bossa nova and jazz and most recently electronic. She tackles Lebanese and Arab sociopolitical issues in her lyrics.

Cairokee -  Egyptian rock band Cairokee have been known to speak to the woes and dreams of the current generation. The band was formed in 2003 by childhood friends in Cairo, and last year, they released their singleNokta Beida.

Autostrad - Jordanian indie band Autostrad fuse together funk, rock, reggae and jazz, creating transcendent medleys that know no borders. The group, which formed in 2007, gets their inspiration from everyday life in Jordan, tackling a number of relevant struggles.

Lekhfa - Solo acts Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh came together to release an eccentric record, Lekhfa. The album includes dystopian poems penned by Egyptian poet, and their fourth member, Mido Zoheir. The group is inspired by multiple genres, including Egyptian shaabi, electro-shaabi, pop and psychedelia.

Hayajan, ft. Alaa Wardi -  Indie rock band Hayajan is made up of five members, who come from Jordan and Iran. Alaa Wardi was born to Iranian parents in Saudi Arabia. The cross-cultural group released their debut album Ya Bay in 2013, and has since been experimenting with an electronic, dance-ready sound, whilst staying true to their cultural roots.

Gnawa Diffusion -  Algerian group Gnawa Diffusion based in France, mixes traditional Gnawa influences with reggae and roots rock. Frontman Amazigh — his name means ‘free man’ in Tamazight — was born to Algerian writer-poet Kateb Yacine, adding another dimension to his work.

Majaz - Progressive fusion folk band Majaz began as an experimental project, and was formed only to play one show. But five years on and the Bahraini act is still rocking, with a metal-infused style. The group released their first EP last year.




Lira - Sweden "Hoppingivande hyllning till den arabiska poesin och konsten"



Al Noujoum - Egypt


Cora - Sweden  http://cora.se/2018/01/10/tania-saleh-ett-drabbande-konstnarskap/

" 'Intersection' är mer än bara elektronisk musik – albumet är ett audiovisuellt experiment där musiken får lov att knyta an till ett större projekt där Saleh förenar alla sina konstnärliga förmågor; ett projekt kopplat till gatukonst, muralmålningar, kalligrafi och arabisk poesi. Hemstaden Beirut är ett återkommande motiv och platsen för hennes muralmålningar, men även andra städer inom arabvärlden förekommer."


Al Riyadh - Saudi Arabia  http://www.alriyadh.com/1651431


Stallet - Världens Musik and Re:Orient present Tania Saleh performing her audiovisual album "Intersection" at Stallet, Stockholm, Sweden on Jan 20, 2018 at 20:00 pm. Join Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/543471622655759/

"The new album “Intersection“ by Lebanese artist Tania Saleh – in collaboration with music producer Khalil Judran – is a multi-dimensional experiment that combines visual and auditory elements creating something that is more than just an album." Revolver Magazine - Germany


Al Akhbar- Beirut, Lebanon




Arab News - Dubai, UAE



Al Akhbar- Lebanon




Al Joumhouriya - Lebanon



Al Ahram Hebdo- Egypt


"Tania Saleh nous surprend une fois de plus. Cette star libanaise de la musique indépendante, aussi dite « alternative », se présente également, avec cet album, en tant que peintre et vidéaste. Tania Saleh est une artiste à mille facettes. Elle nous les fait découvrir, une à une, grâce aux 13 chansons créées par elle — la compositrice, peintre, parolière et chanteuse rebelle."


The National - Dubai, UAE


“ 'There are great bands out there producing quality music and then there is stuff that’s not good. Someone who decides to play with spoons on a frying pan and gets his hair dyed green, decides to make music and call himself or herself an independent band – that’s crap,' she says. 'The problem is they put you under the same label. I don’t want to labelled an independent artist just like this spoon-playing green haired dude.'

As well as garnering critical acclaim, Intersection cements Saleh’s as one of the pioneers of the Lebanese indie-music scene. When asked to reflect on her influence, Saleh says is pleased the community is steadily growing."


TV5 MONDE - France



CD launch "Intersection" on December 9, 2017 - Beirut, Lebanon

"Intersection" features an unexpected collaboration with Tunisian sound artist and electronic music producer Khalil Judran, known for his underground experimental music projects and his bold stance against injustice, censorship and dogmatism. Tania composed music to the words of Arab poets including Mahmoud Darwish (Palestine), Khalil Gibran (Lebanon), Bayram Al Tunsi (Tunisia/ Egypt), Nizar Kabbani (Syria), Abdallah Al Bardawni (Yemen) and others. She traveled the region during the making of the album, recording music but also creating street art murals that express the timeless poetry and ongoing turmoil across the region.

Tania signed the new album and presented her work as a visual artist, with a short film projection.

Produced by: Kirkelig Kulturverksted, Oslo, Norway with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Revolver Magazine - Germany


"The new album “Intersection“ by Lebanese artist Tania Saleh – in collaboration with music producer Khalil Judran – is a multi-dimensional experiment that combines visual and auditory elements creating something that is more than just an album. "Intersection" is a very powerful, hopeful and ambitious project realized in a time of continuous change. "Intersection" has many meanings for Saleh: “The word seemed perfectly fitting because the project is an intersection between my ability to write songs, to sing and to draw. It is as well a new intersection in my career, as I’m deciding which way to go and which style to choose. It is an intersection between the ideas of the poets, despite the fact that they were living in different places and periods. They had a similar way of thinking, a way which still resonates in all parts of the Arab world. It is also an intersection between myself and music producer Khalil Judran."

30/11/ 2017

Beirut Chronicles - Beirut, Lebanon


"Tania Saleh est de la trempe des Marcel Khalifé et des Ziad Rahbani. Elle s’en défendra bien sûr. Dira qu’elle ne mérite pas un tel compliment. Et c’est tout à son honneur. Une artiste véritable n’a de prétention que celle de pouvoir écrire et chanter. Et sans doute d'être écoutée. Mais elle me permettra de ne pas être d’accord avec elle. Parce que ce n’est pas un compliment. C’est la réalité. Tania Saleh est une grande. Au sens véritable du terme."


Radio Misk Interview, Tunisia  Listen here

"Tania Saleh s’est imposée sur la scène alternative arabe avec sa musique et sa personnalité. Auteure-compositrice, elle a toujours agencé ses influences orientales et occidentales dans une sorte de fusion dont elle seule maîtrise l’alchimie. Elle a travaillé avec les plus grands comme Ziad Rahbani ou la réalisatrice Nadine Labaki et, pour son nouvel album « Intersection », elle a choisi de collaborer avec un musicien tunisien « Khalil Judran »."


Tania released her new album "Intersection" in Berlin, Germany.


Global Music - Germany


"With "Intersection" Tania Saleh again shows a completely new side of herself as a musician. Now Tania Saleh dives into the sounds of the rugged electro-beats. What emerges in harmony with the orientalism of the melodies and rhythms is fascinating and beguiling. In music too, the clash of hard reality can be recaptured with the tenderness of Arab art. Not only Tania Saleh deserves the highest credit for this achievement, but also producers Khalil Judran and Erik Hillestad".



Jazzthing, Germany


"The Lebanese singer Tania Saleh has been one of her country's most courageous voices since the 1990s when it comes to voicing criticisms of corruption and political bigotry. She renews this criticism with her new album "Intersection" (10 November), but embeds it in poems by Mahmoud Darwish, Khalil Gibran and other Arab poets. Coupled with a very contemporary electro sound and street art, Saleh sees "Intersection" as a total work of art, which should give the young Arab generation, despite the current destruction, a cultural perspective for the future."




Cairo Scene - Egypt


"The film takes us on a visually stunning journey across the Middle East and North Africa, following Saleh as she paints poignant and politically charged murals on walls from Morocco to Lebanon. This is interspersed with footage of dabke, Iraqi dancing, the rubble of Syria, drone shots of picturesque Lebanese scenery, as well as archival footage of poetic recitations, the Egyptian revolution and old movies, to name a few. This mélange is at once nostalgia inducing and compellingly present. Additionally, the film shows Saleh in the studio with some of the musicians and producers that play on her album, including Egyptian masters, percussionist Hany Bedair and oud player Hazem Shaheen."



Tania has just released her 5th album entitled «Intersection», an audio visual experiment combining street art, Arabic calligraphy, poetry and contemporary electronic music, produced by the Norwegian label, KKV with the support of the Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs at KKV, Oslo.



Link to full interview


Qantara - Germany


"Music offered so many happy moments. When we crossed the borders of the divided city with the bands, we could see how the media had filled our heads with so much nonsense. Those on the other side – who were supposed to be my enemies – were just as loveable as the people in my immediate surroundings."