"10 A.D." April and May Transglobal World Music Chart - Austria 2021


Transglobal World Music Chart (TWMC) was conceived in the Spring of 2015 by Ángel Romero (WorldMusicCentral.org, USA), Araceli Tzigane and Juan Antonio Vázquez (Mundofonías, Spain) with the objective to create a network of music critics, who are working on a regular basis, spreading world, roots, traditional music… in any kind of media. It has a real global approach, including representatives from most regions, with a very inclusive point of view.

The goal is to spread the best world music productions selected by renowned world music specialists from all over the Globe. The aim of the Chart is also to facilitate artists to be included, regardless of geographical barriers, based on merit and talent rather than popularity, big productions or record sales.