"10 A.D." Album Review - Nettavisen - Norway 2021


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A strong and important voice

Those who have followed Kirkelig Kulturverksted's releases since 2013 will know the Lebanese songwriter and vocalist Tania Saleh well. My first meeting tempts for more refills.

This is Saleh's third record at KKV and it's just me that has gone beyond the fact that I have not got the first two. Saleh, who has written all of the lyrics and music and who sings in Arabic, both has and is a voice that is well worth spending quality time with ..
As for Mari Boine, for example, I do not understand a peep of what Saleh sings - yet I more than have an idea what it's about - as with Boine. There is something that goes beyond the words - the mood and the emotions in what both Boine and in this case Saleh convey. For those who need it even more specifically, all the texts are translated into English in the textbook.

Saleh is divorced, somewhat titled "10 A.D." - after divorce - confirms. She writes about and communicates in a real and heartfelt way what conditions a woman like her experiences such a fact in a country like Lebanon. It is in every way far from Norway and we benefit greatly from being informed about how people outside our rock pile live their lives. We quickly realize how privileged we are here in the north.

Øyvind Kristiansen plays piano, and is responsible for programming and is also a co-producer on the album and has done a front-line job in a landscape that contains elements of traditional Arabic music, classical string quartet, rock and trip-hop and probably much more. He has made his efforts here at home (Norway), while Saleh has put on vocals and received brilliant assistance from a number of traditional musicians in Egypt.

Tania Saleh has something important to share with us and Kirkelig Kulturverksted will once again have all the credit for raising voices that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to be heard.

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