"Intersection" Album Launch Event - Lebanon 2017


CD launch "Intersection" on December 9, 2017 - Beirut, Lebanon

"Intersection" features an unexpected collaboration with Tunisian sound artist and electronic music producer Khalil Judran, known for his underground experimental music projects and his bold stance against injustice, censorship and dogmatism. Tania composed music to the words of Arab poets including Mahmoud Darwish (Palestine), Khalil Gibran (Lebanon), Bayram Al Tunsi (Tunisia/ Egypt), Nizar Kabbani (Syria), Abdallah Al Bardawni (Yemen) and others. She traveled the region during the making of the album, recording music but also creating street art murals that express the timeless poetry and ongoing turmoil across the region.

Tania signed the new album and presented her work as a visual artist, with a short film projection.

Produced by: Kirkelig Kulturverksted, Oslo, Norway with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs