RootsWorld - USA 2018


RootsWorld - New Haven, CT, USA

"On her fifth recording Saleh uses this tapestry to create a 13-song masterpiece of stunning musical streetscapes. Fusing ‘west and east’ using studios in Cairo, Beirut and Oslo, Saleh works with Khalil Judran, a Montreal-based experimental music producer and composer who is able to make Saleh’s exquisite vocal style work within a context of electronic music. This is a professional, heartfelt recording made by an accomplished group of artists. Along with Judran, she is working with Mohammad Fawzi, on clarinet, duduk and soprano saxophone, Egyptian multi-instrumentalist Nancy Mounir on violin, Andre Segone on double bass, Hani Bedair (of the Nile Project) on percussions and the Egyptian master Hazem Shaheen on oud."